Genomic profiling, Protein mapping, Tumor banking

Lisa is 37 years old, married to Job, and they have three beautiful children. One day Lisa went to the hospital for a checkup and the doctor discovered breast cancer. Her world collapsed. But Lisa did not give up – she wanted molecular research to map the genome and proteins of her tumor. She knew that with her tumor:

  • the doctor can find mutations in the DNA (genomics) that correspond to effective medication
  • proteins (proteomics) can be mapped and used to determine whether a medicine will be effective
  • preserving the tumor alive opens doors to immunotherapy and diagnostics that may extend the time in remission.
Lisa decided to analyze and bank her tumor. With genomic profiling, protein mapping and tumor banking Stem Cells Technologies can compare various treatment options and choose an effective medication with fewer side effects.

How do we know a medication benefits you?

Steps Benefits
Step 1) DNA sequencing (Genomic profiling) Finding cancer mutations.
Step 2) Protein expression (Protein mapping) Understanding cancer mutations.
Step 3) Analysis Using biological data to compare treatment options.
Step 4) Treatment Advisory report for the oncologist with treatment options.
Step 5) Store tumor (Tumor banking) For treatment options such as cancer vaccination, TIL therapy and chemo sensitivity test.


What makes us unique?

Quality assurance

We always test the quality of the tumor cells first, before we bank and analyse them.


$3,950 including banking tumor cells, DNA sequencing, protein-mapping, analysis, and advisory report.


We deliver the advisory report within 30 days after receiving the tumor.


What scientist have to say!


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Service fee Including Tax Total price
DNA sequencing, protein mapping, advisory rapport and tumor banking $3950,-


Service Price
Subscription fee After enrollment the collection kit will be sent without an initial deposit. $0,-
Service fee package The total service costs include: transportation, DNA sequencing, protein mapping, advisory and cryopreservation. The service fee will be invoiced after the sample is collected from the hospital. $3950,-
Optional Fee Package Choose your own flexible package:
1 DNA sequencing ($1500)
2 Protein mapping ($1500)
3 Cryopreservation ($950)
1 and/or 2 and/or 3
Additional fees Additional fees will not be charged, but with approval additional testing can be required; e.g. because of abnormal lab test results. $0,-
Refunds If you return the collection kit independently of the reason for return, you will not be charged (you will be responsible for paying for the shipping costs of returning the collection kit). $0,-

Request tumor collection kit
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Collecting your Tumor cells in four steps.
1) Enroll
After enrolment you receive a collection kit to give to the oncologist.

2) Contact us
After surgery we pick up the collection kit.

3) After the operation
At our laboratory we sequence DNA (whole genome sequencing), map proteins (proteomics), bank the tumor cells (25 years) and a team of genomic experts analyze the data and match the unique alterations to targeted therapies or clinical trails.

4) Report
You will receive within 30 days an advisory report.