Getting Answers About The Tumor

Lisa is diagnosed with breast cancer and faces so many unknowns: What does the tumor mean for my future? What kind of treatment is best? What effect will my high-risk gene have on my children?

Genetic and molecular research can answer some of those questions. But what precedes and follows those tests is vital. Many women have been helped by genetic and molecular counseling.

Unfortunately, not everyone has equal access to such genetic and molecular counseling. And research has shown that many people fail to get it because their doctor didn’t suggest it. Instead, most newly diagnosed patients first see a surgeon.

How We Give Answers About The Tumor?

Steps Why
1) DNA sequencing (genomics) We analyse all mutations in the tumor.
2) Protein expression (proteomics) We analyse the proteins of the tumor.
3) Tumor banking We store the tumor for future treatment options such as Cancer Vaccination, TIL therapy and chemo sensitivity test.
4) Analysis We use biological data to compare treatment options.
5) Treatment We write an advisory report for the oncologist with treatment options.


What Makes Us Unique?

Quality assurance

We always test the quality of the tumor cells first before we analyse and store them.


$4,950 including DNA sequencing, protein-mapping, tumor banking, analysis, and advisory report.


We deliver the advisory report within 30 days after receiving the tumor.


What Scientist Have To Say!


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Service fee Including Tax Total price
DNA sequencing, protein mapping, tumor banking and advisory rapport $4950,-


Service Price
Subscription fee After enrollment the collection kit will be sent without an initial deposit. $0,-
Service fee The total service costs include: transportation, laboratory testing, cryopreservation, DNA sequencing, proteomics, and advisory. The service fee will be invoiced after the sample is collected from the hospital. $4950,-
Additional fees Additional fees will not be charged, but with approval additional testing can be required; e.g. because of abnormal lab test results. $0,-
Extra Options Extra options during tumor cell banking:
1 Dividing the tumor cells over multiple cryotubes ($495 per tube)
2 Tumor dissociation for generation of single-cell suspensions ($990)
Refunds If you return the collection kit independently of the reason for return, you will not be charged (you will be responsible for paying for the shipping costs of returning the collection kit). $0,-

Request tumor collection kit
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How does it work.
1) Enroll
After enrolment you receive a collection kit to give to the oncologist.

2) Contact us
After surgery we pick up the collection kit.

3) After the operation
At our laboratory we sequence (whole genome sequencing), map proteins (proteomics), bank the tumor cells (25 years), analyze and compare the biological data with databases/literature.

4) Report
You will receive within 30 days an advisory report.